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RE: Autopipe vs. Caesar

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Does anyone know if Autodesk has acquired a pipe analysis software?

Are any of these interoperable with Revit?

I have also seen a program called CAEPIPE. Is anyone familiar with that software compared to Caesar and Autopipe?

- Jeremy

Quoting Harold Sprague <spraguehope(--nospam--at)>:

Our office uses CAESAR. We have no experience using Autopipe. Service can be spotty with any software developer. But I believe that you will find more users of CAESAR.

Regards, Harold Sprague

Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 06:47:59 -0700
From: prajendran(--nospam--at)
Subject: Autopipe vs. Caesar
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What is your experience with Autopipe and Caesar in performing pipe stress analysis?

I have used Autopipe more extensively than Caesar. However, I find that the technical support with Autopipe has dived after the software was acquired by Bentley. Before the buy out, Autopipe had an excellent and prompt tech support. The staff in that division had practical experience with pipe stress analysis methods, codes etc. They were not just computer geeks; they would explain what is wrong with the user's assumptions and would explain the appropriate code provisions and why the software would do what it does. After one or two email go arounds, the staff would call and try to troubleshoot over the phone. On one or two occasions the tech support staff even provided me with some technical papers in reference to certain questions I raised.

None of that happens anymore. I am wondering if I should move towards CAESAR provided I get favorable input. May I request members to share their experiences?


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