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RE: stan's commentary

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Who CARES about whether global warming is real or not?


If we have the technology and common sense to reduce emissions

Of CO and CO2 into the air, why not do it?


Do it then, because it makes economic and environmental sense.


Spewing all those exhaust gases into the atmosphere CAN’T be a good thing, can it?



Its sort of like all the people that found out that they had cancer from smoking for 40 years:


“Jeez, I didn’t think sucking on a piece of burning weed and paper 100 times a day would be BAD for me.”




Let’s adopt aggressive Waste to Energy methods and use all the trash to generate power and get rid of landfills

And all of the mounting electronic debris in the landfills (see the NY Times this morning).



Trying to reduce or eliminate fossil fuel as a primary source of energy can’t be bad, can it?





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Why not throw all that info up on a myspace or facebook page, or whatever the kids are using these days, with all the links and other info? They are free and very easy to build a plain, informational site. Well done by the way. And I agree with your stance on ASCE's position, never quite understood why they were taking any stance on global warming. Stick to what we know, civil engineering, there are enough problems to address there...


I will keep this short and sweet.


I am a natural skeptic, so the jury is still out for me. I'm a lifetime Popular Science subscriber, I try to stay open minded to all new ideas especially scientific ones, even though I am very green at heart. I have always thought we can achieve a balance between economy and environment, the two go hand in hand rather than are at war.


Maybe we should approach the energy issue without considering global warming for now. Lets just say we have not been studying the earth, its climate patterns, etc. long enough to make any conclusions just yet, especially going with a new economic policy based on a theory that is still not completely convincing to all. Let's just say for now we humans have no impact whatsoever on the rise and fall of the earth's temperature, for arguments sake.


Then why not start getting off fossil fuels for lots of other good reasons?

-Lower foreign dependency on oil

-Keep dollars here and prevent them from going to countries with "questionable" resumes

-Lower our trade deficit, which I have seen figures it is + 30% due to oil imports

-Reduce pollution caused by coal and oil- air, water, soil


My monday morning quartbacking of politics would have said this would be a much easier sell to everybody. Why can't the jury on global warming be out but STILL attack our energy supply head on and make it a major issue?


The whole cap and trade idea seems overly complicated, and seems like it would result in tons of red tape, increased bureaucracy, and corruption...


Andrew Kester, P.E.

Orlando, FL