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Re: stan's commentary

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David L. Fisher wrote:

List members…


Who CARES about whether global warming is real or not?


If we have the technology and common sense to reduce emissions

Of CO and CO2 into the air, why not do it?

Because it will destroy our economy.

And that is what I believe the proponents want: to destroy this "evil capitalist" world (that accounts for unprecedented WIDESPREAD wealth and prosperity, in the history of the world), and replace it with their command-economy run by the elitists.

This whole concept of "if we can do this, we should, and now" attitude is unbelievable to me. The notion of "unintended consequences" doesn't even occur to those who support the idea.

I counter with "since there is no solid evidence that 'global warming' to the extent it even exists, is caused by all these things the Elitists want to control, why GIVE them the control in the first place?"

Here's the irony: the "command economy" governments destroyed eastern Europe. Communist China stepped back from the brink by eliminating the "command economy" (so long as minor notions like freedom of speech and of conscience were still forbidden). North Korea and Cuba are toxic waste dumps.

Where is there clean air and water? In those places where free enterprise and a free economy are the rule.

But we're supposed to believe that ALL OF A SUDDEN, the opposite is true. We have to believe those who say that "things have changed" and now it is the COMMAND ECONOMY alone that can save us.


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