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RE: Climate Change - Part 1 of 2'

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And I am waiting for a credible scientist to PROVE that, if we stopped burning hydrocarbons tomorrow but kept breathing and multiplying, global warming would reverse as a DIRECT RESULT.


I'm all for blue skies, clean water and protecting our landfills. Living in the L.A. basin for 30 years, it requires little faith on my part that good air quality management produces positive results. However, I believe the environmentalists made a mistake using global warming, a clear red herring, to promote their cause.



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I'm still waiting for CREDIBLE research, or a credible analyisis of existing research, that refutes the global warming hypotheses.   Amateurish publications with incorrect graphics, or publications from fringe "scientific" groups only insult our intelligence.


"Question Authority" is a good motto, especially when some of those who coined the phrase are now in authority.   The problem is that the "answers" are intentionally clouded in many cases.


Thor Matteson, SE