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Re: Climate Change - Part 1 of 2'

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David L. Fisher wrote:

Actually, the vast majority of grants come from the private sector in the form of R and D.


You are correct however, that the “scientific community” works at the pleasure of those

That supply the money to operate the labs.


e.g., “New study – smoking doesn’t cause any long term health benefits” funded by Phillip Morris.


Or, “New drug XYZ is a miracle cure for cholesterol/diabetes/the clap” brought to you by a major

Pharmaceutical company that owns the rights to drug XYZ.


Its really the same thing in our industry, AISC and ACI sponsor competing “studies” to prove that

Steel/concrete is a better/cooler/cheaper structural material.



It all comes down to common sense; if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.



“Follow the Money” works as well now as it did during Watergate.

You can provide any such examples you wish (though I'm not sure how tobacco is tied up with global climate change in your mind).

My point is that there are plenty of reasons to be suspicious of the quasi-sacred "scientific community." And anyone who thinks that scientific theory doesn't involve an element of "faith" doesn't understand the definition of "hypothesis."

To me, there is miles and miles of distance between the notions of "climate change" (which appears to be a natural attribute of this planet, if it's history is discerned correctly) and of "human origin" of that change. But proponents seem to think that we should just conflate the two. And of course, they want us to trust them with heaps and heaps of treasure, in abiding faith that they know exactly what they're doing.

"Hockey stick" graphs notwithstanding.
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