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RE: Climate Change - Part 1 of 2'

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I drove by the mills on the Indiana Toll Road Saturday.


Not sure about the “clean-up” you refer to.



You are correct, the Earth is self adjusting, which is why the ocean levels are rising due to the polar

Ice caps melting.


Maybe Manhattan will finally get flooded and all the Wall Street guys that are left will be left standing

On chairs in their Upper East Side duplexes.




I just try to follow an axiom of common sense, that’s all.





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David L. Fisher wrote:

I don’t pretend to be a scientist or Al Gore…


But it only makes sense to me (growing up in Indiana watching all the steel mills

Belch smoke and who knows what in to the atmosphere) that 150 years of pollution

Has to have SOME effect on the planet.


What about the last 50 years of cleaning up that mess? Or the technology that has been brought to bear on curtailing emissions and other efficiency?

And lastly, what about the fact that the entire vegetable kingdom, with vanishingly few exeptions, just LOVES CO2?

The earth is a self-adjusting system. We don't have carte blanche to do what we wish, but I'm more impressed with how durable this planet is, than I am with "hockey stick" graphs when I'm being asked to fork over half my wealth and that of my children, grandchildren, and so on, ad infinitum.

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