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Re: Climate Change - Part 1 of 2'

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David L. Fisher wrote:

You are correct, the Earth is self adjusting, which is why the ocean levels are rising due to the polar

Ice caps melting.



I just try to follow an axiom of common sense, that’s all.

To me, "common sense" would indicate that, since the global sea levels also rose 5,000 years ago, the same mechanism that occurred THEN, would be the most likely mechanism of cause NOW.

No one suggested to the ancient Chinese Emperor, or the Greek city-states, or whomever was around at the time, that they ought to curtail their CO2 emissions and tax the be-Jesus out of everyone in order to make the seas retreat.

In fact, I would submit that what they probably did was sacrifice enemies captured in war, or some such thing. It appears to have worked.

Let's try putting all the politicians to death on a Mayan pyramid, and see if that works.

It would be lots cheaper.
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