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Re: Update: Dallas Cowboys roof Collapse

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I expect you are right. I just didn't want the term "Saskatchewan Engineer" to be used in a degrading way, at least not on this list.


H. Daryl Richardson

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Subject: Re: Update: Dallas Cowboys roof Collapse

I can only assume that the journalist does not understand how common it is
to be licensed in multiple jurisdictions - even extra-nationally.
Apparently, nobody knows (or is willing to acknowledge) if any person
accepted EOR responsibility for the building. This is a systemic issue at
the level of the building authority more than a licensing issue of the
manufacturer's employee*.

When it shakes out, there will be issues about personal skill, knowledge,
experience, commitment, marketing and financial motives, etc. Licensing will
be used as a big stick in the media, but it will be trivial to the reality
since it is probable that any engineer involved would have been licenseable
in the site jurisdiction.

Having recently communicated with a person quoted in one of the Dallas News
articles about this fiasco, it appears that there have been considerable
liberties taken to enhance the "crash and burn" value of the writing.

*It is not clear to me, from the Dallas News, whether the supervising
engineer was an employee or a contracted supervisor for the purposes of
supporting a company's provincial engineering registration. The registration
is required for companies providing engineering services to the public,
regardless of the existence of professional engineers as employees. Some of
these missing tid-bits are not sexy enough to make it to print without
boring the casual reader.

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