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Re: Canada Day

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        I don't remember the ranking except that the winner was Tommy Douglas, Premier of Saskatchewan in the 1950s and 60s.  I didn't agree with the choice; but at lease he was a valid candidate.
    Douglas was a member of the NDP (New Democratic Party, a semi socialist party, somewhat to the left of the Liberal Party).  Other than running a generally well managed government throughout his several terms in office, his one real accomplishment was successfully implementing the Saskatchewan health care program, which became the model for the present Canadian health care program.
H. Daryl Richardson
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The top half of the list, right?

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        HA!!  A couple of years ago the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Canada's largest TV and radio broadcasting network, held a contest to se who the Canadian public thought the "Greatest Canadian of all time was.  After voting and short listing (twice) five of the final ten shortlist were hockey players!!
H. Daryl Richardson

Back home, hockey highlights lead off SportsCenter. That is the height of civilization.

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