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RE: Annoying Read Receipt Requests (Was Re: Test)

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That is what I assumed...that he was refering to Tom Hunt.
Keep in mind that it takes "two to tango" with regards to read receipts.  Both the person sending the original message has to "request" a read receipt...and the person reading the message has to "send" the read receipt.  And in some cases, the end user might not have a choice in the matter.  I believe in Tom's case, his corporate email system is likely set up to automatically send a read receipt with no input from him (I believe corporate email systems such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange can be set up this way).  And I believe it is also possible that some systems can be set to request a read receipt no matter what the end user wants.
Now, certainly for an "individual" account, you have complete control over whether you request a read receipt and whether you send one when you are requested.  As such, I always say "no" when I am asked by some messages on the list...and I never request one.
FWIW, we went through this issue at least once back in 2006.
Adrian, MI

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Subject: Re: Annoying Read Receipt Requests (Was Re: Test)

I think Stan is talkin about Tom Hunt who sends the read receipts.
I don't want to delete his posts as I value his responses on a variety of subjects, but I do get annoyed when I open a post only to find out it is a read receipt.
Richard, I wasn't having a bad day. Your reaction was a bit hmmmmm...unexpected in the beginning. Like saying, If you don't like my smoking here you can go outside.