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RE: Bolt to plywood

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DFL would be about the right specific grapvity...but they now have specific gravities for OSB, plywood, etc in the NDS and plywood (at least Structural 1) is indicated as 0.50...same as DFL, but could be required to be as low as 0.42.
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Try the following link from AWC.

I used DFL for the main member wood type.  I was once told that this is an acceptable wood type/density to use.

Also, APA has a short publication of bolts and plywood, Fastener Loads for Plywood - Bolts (E825E).

Now back to climate change, building inspectors, etc.......

Nick Fanger wrote:

I hate to disrupt the fun threads with something structural engineering related but I have a question?.

How would you go about calculating the shear value of a ½? dia. Thru bolt attaching a steel plate and ¾? plywood?  I?ve never done bolts in plywood before nor do I think it?s that good of an idea but in this case its unavoidable.  Has anyone else dealt with bolts in plywood before?

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