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Re: Hot air recirculation

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        As it happens, there is a structural engineering solution to this problem.  In Canada we have similar air fin coolers; and, due to the extreme variations in climate we must have ductwork around them to recirculate air to prevent the coolers from freezing in the coldest temperature extremes.  Perhaps you could install either a.) a rectangular duct to serve as an exhaust stack directing the discharge from the lower air cooler away from the intake of the higher one, or b.) an intake duct on the higher air cooler to move the intake away from the exhaust of the lower one.  Of course there will be structural modifications required to support the ductwork and to accommodate the higher wind loading (or seismic, as required).
        Hope this helps.
H. Daryl Richardson
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Sent: Saturday, July 04, 2009 1:32 AM
Subject: Hot air recirculation

For one of our refinery project we have come across an interesting problem.

One air fin cooler (AFC-1) is resting on top of piperack & other one (AFC-2) is resting on top of structure.
Height of structure is 3m more than piperack and same is in downwind direction.

Both AFCs are horizontally 12m apart & elevation difference is 3m.

The AFC -1 resting on piperack is exhausting hot air of 81 degrees.  

Is it possible that hot air will be recirculated & same will be sucked by AFC-2 resting on structure ? It may affect performance of AFC-2.

If yes, what kind of solution would be feasible ?
Thermal design of AFC can not be changed.

Kirtesh Gandhi