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RE: Double Layer Plywood Shear Wall

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Still, at best you would only get the capacity of a single layer with edge nails at 2.5” o.c.

I suppose if you had them pull the outer sheathing off and double the studs up, then nail each layer to a different stud… it at *sounds* logical that you would get something at least close to the full double layered capacity, and you wouldn’t be exceeding the 2.5” o.c. limit… but as drew says, it hasn’t been tested. 


From: Drew Morris [mailto:dmorris(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Re: Double Layer Plywood Shear Wall


I'm not sure this would work.  You could put the inner layer on with 8d nails and the outer layer with 10d nails staggered to miss the nails for the inner layer.  I don't this has ever been a tested assembly, so I am not sure you can go this way.  You might want to contact APA.  The other option is to put the sheathing on the inside over the gypsum wall board with 10d nails.  This is allowed under the 2006 IBC, not sure about the CBC.

ENGRLAINES(--nospam--at) wrote:

Contractor "forgot" the interior layer of plywood in a shear wall spec'd for sheathing on both sides. Wants to put double layer on the outside since the interior has been finished. I cannot find any restrictions in the Codes,  so I assume this can be done assuming the same requirements for sheathing on two-sides and no reduction in strength. Anything special to watch out for?



Charles O. Laines, S.E.



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