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RE: How to Add Sketches Into Spreadsheet?

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1) Draw in AutoCAD then save to wmf.
2) Use Microsoft Visio and save to wmf.
3) Use Excel XY Charts and create parametric sketches.
4) Use VBA to generate sketches using the Excel shapes.

It is possible to insert Acad or Visio drawings as objects in Excel, but
tends to make the Workbook cumbersome to use: gets slow to move around. Also
ACAD drawings need to have a white model space background, and ACAD plot
settings are irrelevant, and lineweights are problematic (though may have
improved with current version. I'm still using Acad LT 2000.).

So I've settled on wmf files, with more control over appearance provided by

For a lot of situations however, can just use the Excel cell borders and
diagonals to create simple sketches.

My original approach, with Quattro Pro was a two pass printing. Print the
spreadsheet, then put the paper back through the printer and print the ACAD
sketch over.

Alternatively take the old traditional publishing approach, and put the
pictures on separate plates. Simply cross-reference calculations to another
sheet with the sketches.

Or put a freehand sketch on the calculations after they are printed out,
simply block out some space using worksheet cell borders.

It is also a matter of perspective, some hand written work on computer
printouts does give a perspective that someone has actually looked at them,
not just pressed a button and printed some rubbish out.

Besides the calculations may not change but the look of the physical system
may, therefore the sketches can be made to better reflect the problem at

Conrad Harrison
B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust
South Australia

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