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RE: Very short load duration

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This is on the order of a blast load, and is not an easy issue.  Even if modeled in LS Dyna, fidelity to a tested assembly is not very good.  That is why there is a lot of testing required for blast applications.  Once you have a test from which you can gauge, you can apply SDOF models with some measure of assurance that your answer is correct. 
Go to:
Then go to the "Downloadable files".  Start downloading, have a cup of coffee, then read the almost 2 thousand pages on how to design for blast loading.  Another standard to understanding blast loads is Biggs, Introduction to Structural Dynamics.  Biggs was last published in 1964.

Regards, Harold Sprague


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Subject: Very short load duration
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 08:43:12 -0500

I have a steel duct that is to be designed for, among other things, a “severe pressure pulse” load that lasts 10 milliseconds.  I am trying to use STAAD’s Time History Load function to analyze this and want to be able to give it a sanity check.  The short duration would seem immaterial for steel design; the quick application brings impact effects to mind.  Has anyone dealt with this to know how the results should compare with those from a static load of equal magnitude – better, worse or same?  Thanks.


Jim Carey, P.E.


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