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Re: Listserve Test

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I'm sure that this is not news tonight, but the Internet essentially crashed (some servers were up but operating at a very sluggish rate) caused by a Denial of Service (DOS) attack that has been reported to have originated in North Korea (I heard this on the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC). The DOS attack was credited to North Korea by a statement issued to those able to receive information in China and piggybacked on private servers back into the US. North Korea reported to have launched a basic Denial of Service attack against the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and other specific targets. As with most DOS, the Trojan attacks the users e-mail address book and sends out e-mails with the Trojan attached. Quickly the servers active on the net become clogged and the system essentially goes down. What I don't understand, is that this is a pain in the butt type of attack, but if they wanted to do real damage, they would have targeted or hacked into the larger private servers not part of the public sector. I called Verizon yesterday morning who also confirmed the DOS attack since I was pulling my hair out ready to format all three computers believing that the problem was in my home/office :>) Thankfully, I did not blame my grandson who is visiting and has a tendency to crash my computers every time he gets his hands on them. Actually, he is becoming good at understanding computer protection and not asking me every second to help fix the mess he got into :>)

Dennis (the barely-working hermit)

SGE Structural wrote:
Except for a bunch of SEs in Southern California :).
V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA

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    Maybe it's a good sign, people are actually working???
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        Looks like we all exhibit List withdrawal symptoms...
V. Steve Gordin, SE Irvine CA
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I have not received any excepts yours. Please let me know
            if you see this response on the server.
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Is listserve functioning today?

                Khashayar "Casey" Hemmatyar, SE
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