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Re: Obama-Care: This Is What It Will Be Like

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Chuck Utzman wrote:

We have been explicitly instructed to refrain from political discussions. B.P. constantly instigates this crap.
Chuck Utzman, P.E.
That's because you consider anything to do with real life "political."

We have a LOT of people here who are small business owners. The rest are employees of engineering firms or other business entities. You can dismiss this as "political crap" but it affects every single one of us on this list, directly, and impacts our businesses and our professional lives.

If you persist in saying that only your narrow definition of what is "proper" must obtain, then we may have no more discussion of things like whether you have to have a business license to practice engineering, or whether H1 visas should be curtailed. That makes those "political issues" as well.

There are lots of things ancillary to our professional lives, and I can think of nothing more vital than how our personal AND business lives will change if this travesty goes through.

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