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Re: ICC Green Building Code

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Yes but that's anecdotal. As with actual structural failures, the actual problems are extremely rare if you had to do a statistical survey. Problems do exist, but often it is the result of a primary issue which is not effectively mitigated by the increased airflow. Houses generally don't fall down because of drywall, trim, and the moment resistance in nailed lumber joints - all things we generally ignore. Now, to be clear, I'm in favor of (nearly) all of these "greening" provisions - they make for better buildings, not just safer ones. If the code only addresses energy efficiency, we'll end of with the nasty, claustrophobic, mold-traps they built in the 1970s. With luck, there will be enough old farts on the committees to remember the poorly executed efficiency designs of 30 years ago and make sure that we don't paint architects and owners into a corner.


Christopher Wright wrote:
Not true--at least not here. Plenty of cases as I mentioned where mold intrusion from moisture accumulation has caused serious ongoing health issues. And carbon monoxide accumulation from appliance backdrafting kills people. I've been involved in several cases of this sort and I have a colleague who makes a pretty good living dealing with moisture and air quality issues in existing homes. Both of these are the reason I hear civil and structural engineer buddies as well as misuse of engineered materials tell me flat out they wouldn't buy a house that was less than 20 years old.

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