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RE: Off Topic - News from Vish.

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Well put, Bill.


I agree…the world needs talented, hard working young men such as Vish’s son

To deal with the many, many problems we face.



Congrats, sir.


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News like this is a welcome respite from the petty bitterness that the political discussions on this list generate.

I am happy for both you and your son.  We need more inspirational stories like this that celebrate the accomplishments of individuals in the world society.

Best Regards,
Bill Cain, SE
Berkeley CA

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I am happy to share with all friends on this list some good news I received today.


My son, Nakul Krishna, who just turned 23 this week, and who was elected as one of the five Rhodes Scholars from India (2007) has completed his undergraduate studies and has passed with Distinction from Oxford Unversity, UK. The results were declared just yesterday.


He has therefore vindicated the trust placed in him by the members of the Rhodes selection committee who chose him from among thousands of  outstanding students from India who had vied for this scholarhip.


He had been selected based on his outstanding academic career, his musical talents (he is a trained Carnatic Classical vocal singer), his award winning performances in English Theatre at the national level, his proficiency in Engish poetry and prose and debating and finally his participation and contributions to social welfare projects and environmental causes.

I understand obtaining a "Distinction" is rather creditable at Oxford University particularly in the Humanities subjects. He can now call himself an Oxford Scholar.


He has already been admitted back at Oxford Unviersity for a Master's degree program.
He will be majoring in Philosophy.


The Oxford Unviersity Press will be funding his studies through the Clarendon Scholarships and this will be supplemented by the British Government's Overseas Research Student  Scholarship.


My son aims to continue his studies till be obtains his PhD


He recently came home after two long years and was soon off on an expedition to the remote hills of Arunachal Pradesh near the India-China border thousands of miles away from Bangalore.


He is now part of a team that is visiting Tawang in North East India on an expedition sponsored by the Royal Geographic Society of England.


More info about this is available at the following link.


A brief profile and picture of my son is available at the following link.

Since all of you feel like members of an extended family to me, I wish to share my happiness with all of you.


Vish from Bangalore, India



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