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Re: ICC Green Building Code

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Good until they know what a clown you are.

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Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 6:32:43 PM
Subject: Re: ICC Green Building Code

David L. Fisher wrote:
> Congrats.
> Good luck.
> David L. Fisher SE PE
> Senior Principal

Thanks. Another good interview today. Unfortunately they're not looking to hire until next month.


The firm I talked to yesterday contacted me this afternoon and asked if I could work on an hourly, contract basis (1099-style) while we're still thinking about permanent employment. That would mean an immediate income, which would be very much welcome right about now.

Texas SUI is generous (everything really IS bigger here), but it's not exactly the kind of money that Stan Caldwell promises his young proteges.

I do feel a lot more optimistic - and I know I need to grab something now before the bill starts coming due for Obama-care and Stimulus I and II.

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