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RE: Shallow Expansion Anchors

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Also be aware that the 2007 supplement to the ’06 IBC gives a little relief to the penalties by adding exceptions to section 1908.1.16 so that anchors designed to support nonstructural components in accordance with ASCE 7 section 13.4.2 do have to satisfy D.3.3.4 and D.3.3.5, which are requirements to have the ductile steel failure control, or multiply the force by another 2.5 with the appendix ‘D’ calculation.


Trent Nagele, S.E.




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Try ASCE 7 05 Section 13.4.2.  The UBC 97 "shallow anchor" language is now the ductile (steel) vs. brittle (concrete) mode of failure.  All kinds of penalties.


V. Steve Gordin, SE
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To All,

For anhcoring equipemnt, an Rp = 1.5 shall be used for shallow expansion anchors. Can someone direct me to where this is in the code and the definition of a "shallow expansion anchor"?

Thanks in advance,

Larry Hauer S.E.

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