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RE: Shallow Expansion Anchors

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The shallow expansion anchor was dropped in the NEHRP and then in the ASCE 7 some time ago.  Back when "shallow expansion anchor" was around, it was intended to infer ductile vs. nonductile anchors.  It was defined in the 2000 NEHRP Commentary, Section 6.1.6.
"Shallow anchors are defined as those anchors that have an embedment length diameter ratio of less than 8."


It was changed in the 2003 NEHRP Commentary, Section 6.2.8 Component Anchorage:

"Previous restrictions on the anchor l/d ratio as a means of defining ductile vs. non-ductile anchors have been deleted from the Provisions in recognition of the difficulty in defining the conditions necessary for real ductile behavior.  ....."


ASCE 7-05, Section 13.4 is currently considered appropriate for anchor forces for equipment. 


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Subject: Re: Shallow Expansion Anchors
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See 1997 UBC Section 1632.2.  I am not sure if this was ever carried over to the IBC or ASCE 7.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.

07/16/2009 07:48 AM
Please respond to seaint
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Shallow Expansion Anchors

To All,

For anhcoring equipemnt, an Rp = 1.5 shall be used for shallow expansion anchors. Can someone direct me to where this is in the code and the definition of a "shallow expansion anchor"?

Thanks in advance,

Larry Hauer S.E.


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