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RE: Water heater bracing THANKS!

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I faxed over that copy of the 2001 CPC.  Steve was right; your document appears to be referencing the Uniform Plumbing Code.  I preceded the fax with an email directly to you, but it must not have gone through. 


In any case, Section 510.5.1 does end on that page.  Hope it helps.


Brian Gerving


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It appears to be a typo - shouldn't it be a plumbing code?  UPC Section 510.5 "Water heaters shall be anchored or strapped to resist horizontal displacement due to earthquake motion."


V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA

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MANY THANKS to the anonymous donor in the 707 area code (Napa - Santa Rosa CA) who faxed the code page to me! 

I assume this page included all of section 510.1.

Great resource, this list!  ;)


In a message dated 7/17/09 4:12:15 PM, Rhkratzse(--nospam--at) writes:

Can anyone help me with a reference to 1997 UBC Code, Section 510.5?

An "Earthquake Insurance Retrofitting Information Form" asks for confirmation that a residential water heater is "double strapped to prevent movement in a seismic event that meet the minimum requirements of the 1997 UBC Code, Section 510.5."

I can't find any such section, nor any reference to it in code analysis books.

Could this be a typo?  If anyone has the referenced section could they fax it to me at 510-215-2430?  Can anyone refer me to any specific *UBC* requirements for water heater bracing?

(Yes, I know the UBC is history, but the insurance industry apparently doesn't know it.)



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