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Re: Welding Base Plate to Grade 8 Bolt

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I would avoid the Grade 8 bolts altogether. As others have said, you will lose some of the strength of the bolt, so why not use a lesser strength mat'l.  Personally I would look at weldable rebar for such a case and grind the deformations if necessary where the bolt protrudes into the base. plate.  If the forces are small, perhaps you could use threaded rod.

Daryl Richardson wrote:
Fellow engineers,
        I have a client who wants to secure a base plate to a floor using Grade 8 bolts.  The intent is to have the threaded end down and epoxied into the floor; a leveling nut will be between the floor and the base plate to properly position the plate for grouting; the bolt head will be cut off the plate will be placed over top and welded to the bolts with some combination of plug and fillet welds through the anchor bolt holes.  The purpose is to have a flush surface with no protruding bolts or nuts.  The loads on the A-Bolts should be very small.
        My question is this: is the Grade 8 bolt material compatible with mild steel plate for welding purposes?
        I realize this is grossly over-designed; but, hey, it's the client's design and his money.  It's what he wants to do.
H. Daryl Richardson
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