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Re: Direct Weld of Single Angle Brace to HSS Beam/Column

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You will have to look at the local deformation stresses of the HSS wall due to the angle, just as you would have to with a gusset plate; especially with a 3/16" tube wall.  I think this case may not suit recommended truss configurations that I have seen.  It will be difficult to cut the angles accurately to fit the corners, given tolerances and human error, so be prepared for additional weld that may cause even more problems.  I think that the chord sizes need to be reviewed.  I went through this with a school job up here, and after my criticisms I was asked to redesign the trusses.

Richard Calvert wrote:

I have a client that is requesting the removal of gusset plates and direct welding of the single angle brace to the HSS column and beam. 

The situation is a truss with HSS6x4x3/16 chords and HSS3x3x1/4 verticals and L3x3x3/8 tension braces.  For aesthetics they want the angle corner cut and welded directly to the tubes.  Due to the dimensions this means that the angle will be eccentric in the plane of the truss.  To the best of my understanding, the only concern this creates is an out-of-plane bending on the overall truss.  Are there any other concerns that I am missing here?

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