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NCEES/ licenses

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I thought NCEES offered a service where once you pass their exams you can have them keep those results on file, as well as your personal refs and university transcripts and all of that, and they will send that package to other states for you (if those other states accepted NCEES exams)? Had anyone tried this? I guess if you received your license more than 5 years ago or so, you may not have taken the NCEES exam(s)? I hope it is a matter of time before ASCE/NCEES/etc get the state boards all on the same page, with some type of national registry like NCEES is sort-of attempting. Each state can still require different levels of examination, I have no problem with that, but at this point they just seem to be different for the sake of being different. Could it be people within each state’s boards trying to maintain autonomy and job security? Never….


I think it was about 5 years ago when I took the NCEES Structural 1 exam, all you need in FL for your PE, and it wasn’t that bad if you are a decently well rounded SE, as most of the contributors to this list seem to be. A lot of retaining wall and foundation stuff. I did have to learn some basic seismic, bridge and PT stuff, but very basic. May be easier to just suck it up at this point. Getting all the paperwork done is no fun though, had to do it all to get a MS license. And I will keep my other snide remarks about that place to myself…..


I do feel your pain, and when you do get licensed be aware of the other state’s CEU credits, some of them are drastically different. Also, it is not just our profession. I have a lawyer buddy who has been studying for months for the CA bar, it is supposed to be a bear.


Andrew Kester, PE

Orlando, FL