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RE: Steel Framing - Aerobic vibration criterion

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Since I'm replying to the digest version, I may be responding a little bit
late.  But, my thoughts are: 

1) Try the design with light weight concrete, or if you've already used
lightweight concrete then try it with normal weight. 

2) Vary the spacing between joists or girders. If adjacent "panels" have
different frequencies, then the amplitude of vibrations should be greatly

3) When all else fails get creative.  Some of the retrofit examples in the
design guide suggest using a queen's post truss to stiffen up an existing
beam.  To me that is very much preferable to adding a column! 


Josh Plummer, SE
RISA Technologies
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Subject: FW: Steel Framing - Aerobic vibration criterion
From: "Stuart, Matthew" <mStuart(--nospam--at)>
To: <seaint(--nospam--at)>


	Does anyone have any prior experience designing composite slab on
steel =
framing systems for such vibration criteria?   I am looking for a =
reality check on member sizes?  Any guidance/suggestions would be =
greatly appreciated? =20


	Please let me know ASAP.



	Ashu Patel, P.E.                                                    

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