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RE: AWWA D100-05 3.5.1 question

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Compression flange issue could be resolved by providing a rectangular or square tube section with adequate section modulus instead of built up channel generally provided on outside of tank.

So, can I use a tube section of adequate section modulus inside the tank as stiffening girder?




Sid Lakhani




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Subject: RE: AWWA D100-05 3.5.1 question


Will this result in an unbraced flange in compression instead of tension?


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AWWA (Eq 3-35) on page 35 provides formula for required section modulus for Girder.


My question is:  Can this girder be provided either inside or outside the tank? Does it have to be on outside the tank?


I would like to provide the girder inside the tank to avoid interference with the ladder/stair.




Sid Lakhani