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Re: License

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Gerard Madden, SE wrote:
It's very laughable, and of course I realize that won't help me get the license.

I am wondering - what would be the underlying wisdom for such decision?  Can it possibly be legal?
V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA
In the mid-80s, I had a professor at UAB who wanted to get his Alabama license. He had previously taken the exam(s) in Texas, when he was employed at Texas A&M. However, because at that time Texas allowed you to take the FoE and P&P exams one right after the other, BEFORE you had obtained your four years' experience, Alabama would not recognize comity with Texas (this was true of many states at the time, due to the unorthodox manner in which Texas administered it's licensure - then called registration - of professional engineers).

He was very angry about it, but ended up having to retake the P&P exam anyway, despite several appeals to the Alabama board.

Again, each state is sovereign in this regard. We aren't even talking about "interstate commerce," we're talking about the right to practice professional engineering WITHIN a sovereign state.

I can understand Steve's frustration, but the level of ignorance about this leaves me convinced that our Republic is in deep doo-doo. Rampant ignorance of the constitution and of constitutional principles is exemplified everywhere you go these days. They're about to confirm a Supreme Court justice who is on record as saying that the color of one's skin or language of origin should be factors in the law - in other words, justice is no longer blind.

We're heading into the abyss, no mistake.
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