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The unfortunate part, truly is that the free market killed itself, it didn’t need the Government

to mess it up.


The Wall Street guys made zillions on leveraged pieces of paper (30:1) secured by mortgages

Given to people with questionable incomes and credit. Then the house of cards collapsed and

They went to Washington hat in hand.


No worries, looks like bonuses are back at 2007 levels.






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Stuart, Matthew wrote:

…I think we have nobody to blame but ourselves that we live in a world where realtors get ±6% of the sales price and structural engineers get ±½% of the construction cost.

Sales always gets rewarded. No one actually makes money until the sale.

Of course, we could probably find one or more "czars" in the Obama administration to correct all that for us. This whole free market thing is SO last millenium.

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