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Plenty of blame to go around.



However, the Government  wasn’t running AIG, Lehman or Bear Stearns (at the time, anyway)




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David L. Fisher wrote:

The unfortunate part, truly is that the free market killed itself, it didn’t need the Government

to mess it up.


Go and take a look at how many GOVERNMENT insiders were involved in all this mess. It wasn't the "free market messing itself up." It was the usual big-government suspects with their hands in the till, coupled with the usual government representatives "here to help" with stupid stunts like the Community Reinvestment Act, etc.

Answer this: if it was all just about "Wall Street," why did it happen worldwide? The REAL answer, if you choose to actually look at it, has to do with the interference of government everywhere. Go ahead, inform yourself. It will rock your world, but Leftists need that from time to time.

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