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Dennis wrote:
<<except by my Autodesk vender to inform me
that if I don't renew my subscription (at their very inflated price) I
will have to purchase a new station for full price next time (don't hold
your breath).>>

Our structures department is still rocking, although mostly smaller
stuff than we're used to...remodels, additions...But our civil dudes and
dudettes, landscape architect, land use planners, and GIS don't appear
to be coming back this summer.  So the mighty structures department is
trying to carry the company for a while, and we're all aware that it's
not quite possible, even with the retraining of a couple civil dudes
(trying to bring them back from the dark side).

So we need to cut overhead, and we've talked about cutting the Autodesk
maintenance plans for now and taking the hit later, when we have more
money coming in.  BUT, we've collaborated with architects and timber
framers on a few recent projects using Google Sketchup; we just use the
free version.  Very easy, very powerful, and $500 for a pro seat with
greatly increased layout/plotting capability, as well as AutoCAD
interoperability.  The civil dudes are going to have to stay with
AutoCAD Civil3D, but structural drafting is so basic, at least the way
we do it...mostly line work and a big saved detail library.

I'm wondering about doing all the structural CDs in Sketchup.  Has
anyone tried this?  Not only would it be cheaper, but some connections
would be so much clearer if we could show a perspective view (think
Simpson catalogue).  And this is so easy in Sketchup.  Like REVIT only
dumber and cheaper (though it seems smart enough, particularly for the
residential/light commercial work we mostly do).

Gordon Goodell
Alta, WY

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