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Re: License

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I am going to assume that you will not actually leave the fine profession of structural engineering.  Over the years, you have written too many testimonials on the satisfaction that you get in doing design work to suddenly walk away.  However, if you are seriously planning to leave it behind, then I sincerely wish you well.
You already know my opinion on the profession from my many posts in previous years.  Even at the age of 62, I still get out of bed each morning looking forward to going to the office.  The hours go by quickly as I oversee my ever-growing structural engineering group ... mentoring on some projects, cheerleading on others, and trouble-shooting when necessary.  At the end of the year my compensation always seems to exceed expectations, but Barack Obama is grateful that I am squarely in his crosshairs.  And in spite of his best efforts to kill the economy, our backlog is at record levels and growing.
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E., SECB, F.ASCE
Richardson, Texas
2009/7/27 Dennis Wish <res03tdc(--nospam--at)>
Scott and David,
I have one more report to complete and then I'm done. The phone has not
rung in more than two weeks except by my Autodesk vender to inform me
that if I don't renew my subscription (at their very inflated price) I
will have to purchase a new station for full price next time (don't hold
your breath). While my wife is working and keeping our healthcare up,
I'm posting an ad in the local papers to repair personal computers and
family LAN's (wireless) as well as providing services to setup Gibson
Les Paul's and Fender Tele's and Strats. I've gotten the itch to learn
watch (pocket watch) and wrist watch repair (our local watchmaker
offered to teach me as part of a non earning apprenticeship.

My next door neighbor had been making over $500K a year doing GPS Golf
Course Grading untill the market died and then he started a service for
homeowner's to clean up their yards of dog droppings. He was doing okay,
but recently lost his home.

Engineering was my choice and something I loved to do, but not at the
cost of some of the clients I've had to deal with lately. BORPELS has
been working on a complaint for nearly seven years but has yet to stop
an unlicensed engineer from practicing and advertising in our area. They
are attempting to go after the out of town engineer who is plan stamping
the unlicensed locals work - although he is not a partner in the
business nor is he part of the corporation. However, BORPELS will go
after a Civil engineer whose phone book ad appears in the structural
engineers section of the Yellow Pages.

I wonder where the priorities are in the professional world. I'm taking
a few courses in open heart surgery and planning on starting this as a
sideline on our kitchen table. My dogs are assisting me as my degrees
come from the Sudan.

I thought about selling pacemakers on e-bay but the competition is much
too strong. I came up with a sure fire option - I am including a free
do-it-yourself video with the pacemakers at no additional charge.