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RE: License (Business)

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Ralph, Gary, 

Probably a bit of both. Too much time, and getting faster at typing.

And no business not slow in OZ. We have our usual backlog of projects, and
phone constantly ringing. Most of our work concerns solving problems people
have created for themselves, the projects tend to be short and many. Also
even though we have about 40 projects on the job list at present, any
project that comes in today can jump to the front of the queue. Jobs are
handled in order of priority not order of arrival.
We have had some large industrial buildings (coldformed steel) in the
pipeline since the end of last year, but they keep getting the go ahead and
then stalling. Also we have started to expand into stormwater drainage
design for the larger projects: which seems to pay better than structural.

Some what strange, as the driest state on the driest continent, the big
thing in recent years has been stormwater detention: not rainwater
harvesting. Add a verandah to your house, and likely to find have to add a
rainwater detention tank: a tank to be kept empty until a storm. The
stormwater infrastructure is not adequate to accommodate the increased
drainage due to increased site coverage with paving, canopies, larger
houses, and site division. With the extended drought there is however an
increased use of greywater systems, and rainwater harvesting also. This has
resulted in a surge in the demand for water tanks. Water tanks are getting
larger and subject to closer scrutiny: that is authorities now want them

So we have plenty to do. And admittedly time management and improving
delivery times is an issue. So I probably shouldn't be writing long posts.

Conrad Harrison
B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust
South Australia

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