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RE: The Myth of Inadequate Structural Engineering Compensation

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Erik said:


Typical Texan response. Totally neglect the current economic climate. Sorry, I had to say it. Although I do agree with some of your points.


<end quote>



How exactly did Stan ignore the current economic climate? The current climate could be the perfect time to push engineering fees up, not down. Who better to seek out and provide economical solutions than an engineer? The engineers fees should not be the issue, it is the over all cost of the end-product that matters: building, crane, oil rig, what ever.


As I advise builders complaining about others having over engineered. It is not possible to over engineer anything. It is either undersized due to a lack of engineering or over sized due to a lack of engineering. And they obviously turned up to get more engineering not to have any removed. So if have a lack of engineering, then do not get an optimum solution.


Engineering should assist to maximise the benefits from the available but otherwise limited resources. And design is about find solutions to satisfy human needs. The current economic climate should therefore be the perfect time for engineers.



Conrad Harrison

B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust



South Australia