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RE: metal buildings

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You could try using a drilled pier to resist the lateral load. See equation 18-1 in the 2006 IBC for an embedment depth formula. 65 kips is a substantial load to be resisted by a hairpin. It would take a lot of frictional resistance from the slab to overcome that amount of force.

I design a lot of electric substations with significant overturning moments and no slab on grade. Drilled piers are almost always used on these projects and are generally pretty economical.


Adam Vakiener, P.E.
Structural Engineer
Southern A&E, LLC


>I've got a large (100'x140') pre-fab steel building for an ice rink >that I'm doing the foundations for. It's basically seven 3-hinged >arches, 100' wide. I just found out that the foundation has to be >designed without a slab (which won't be built maybe for years, until >the budget allows). So I've got ~65 kips of out-thrust at the base of >each column, and no opportunity for a hairpin into the slab. And the >budget also does not allow at this time for the strip footing/stemwall >to be built between the piers. So I told the client that he's going to >have to connect the base of each arch with a concrete/rebar tie >underground, and he flipped out. This is a non-profit community effort >to get covered ice here (which we all want), and the budget doesn't > >appear to have an extra $50 in it, let alone what it would take to >probably account for the foundation forces.

>The steel building manufacturer is not interested in trying to resolve
>the horizontal force higher up; his steel sections will not handle a
>cable tie at eave level.  Other than an abutment or a tension tie, I'm
>at a loss.  Does anyone have other ideas for how to deal with this?

>Gordon Goodell
>Alta, WY

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