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Re: The Myth of Inadequate Structural Engineering Compensation

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erik_g(--nospam--at) wrote:
Typical Texan response. Totally neglect the current economic climate. Sorry, I had to say it. Although I do agree with some of your points.
"The current economic climate" has nothing to do with the case. This has been a recurring them on SEAINT for years along with "LRFD vs. ASD for steel," "How do I calculate the c.g. of a circle," and "The Democrat Party: Threat or Menace?" (Okay, that last one only ever comes from me, but you get the idea).

Back when things were booming we were still dealing with "our guys" complaining about getting the short end of the stick from our dear archy brethren as well as owners and other such-like client types.

And I'll bet when we've finally gotten rid of the socialist hate-mongers in D.C., and put some conservatives in office who understand that "business climate" isn't defined as "how much I can get from lobbyists' kickbacks," we'll still be dealing with this issue.
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