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re Structural Engineer compensation

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Attention  SEAINT 
re:   SE  Compensation
Shifting the  subject slightly  
Why not  see if your firm  is  using cheap  foreign labor   ???
Many  firms  pay their  foreign employees  ( H-1B's)   competitive  salaries     but  but but
then are these  salaries for   the best/brightest/brilliant   ( high-skilled )   engineers that  corporate America  claims we need so  bad?
To  check your  firm   go to the LCA  database      ( there are others)
Type in your  firm name and  your  state 
If it  does not shown anything  change the year    and keep on going  to  earlier   years
See what  turn up  -  check the salaries
If your firm is NOT  listed you may have to  type in just the  first name    and then scroll through the choices.
The name  search can be  somewhat  finicky.
For more on American Job  Destruction  (salaries too)  go to
contributor to, 
and  how many of you have ever  watched this  video???