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Re: Obama-Care: This Is What It Will Be Like

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Mr. Obama admits that the goal is to "replace private health insurance with the government-run program."


1. Medicare and the federally-funded and state-administered Medicaid programs are going bust. Inefficiencies (what Obama states is the purpose of the single-payer plan) and bureaucracy are the main culprits for rising healtcare costs.

2. The pushback from the voters has caused the administration and congress to start covering up their clearly-stated aims.

3. Congressmen are getting an earful from constituents and will likely come back from their Summer recess ready to scrap the Obama plan. This is headed toward a major FAIL for the Obama folks, and likely will hamstring his weak presidency from now on.

4. If the Republicans can get their act together - by no means a certainty - the Democrats are toast in 2010.

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