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Re: Texas engineer sued for roof/ stans post

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You might be surprised to see who is on the approved engineers list.  You can view the list here:
Stan (not on that s*** list)

Bill Polhemus wrote:

I honestly can't believe that any engineer at all is participating in this ridiculous "program."

When they first started it, it served as a sort of "honey-trap" for Texas BoPE. They'd collect a bunch of these forms, then randomly check on some of the projects so certified. Invariably they'd find something that was awry, then charge the licensed P.E. involved with dereliction of duty.

Ironically, the Texas legislature just passed an ordinance that voids any requirement by any state agency for engineer competency beyond holding the P.E. I suspect this was prompted by hardly any engineers signing up for this "wonderful program" any longer, and the pols and bureaucrats wrongly concluding it's because it has previously required engineers to apply to be added to the list.

NOTE that I have no way of KNOWING this is the case, it's only a surmise on my part.

Most of the people I've known who do this sort of thing are retirees who just want to supplement their income. Some deal, huh? Do your public duty for a couple of hundred bucks then lose your license.