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Re: Point load on garage diaphram

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I believe you can spread the load out further due to the thickness and strength of your light weight concrete.
Usually the concrete for a garage floor of this type is 3" min.
Ray Shreenan  SE

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Subject: Point load on garage diaphram

Designing a residential garage floor system. Wood framing, Lt-weight concrete over plywood. To design this to code a 3k pt load must be placed on an area 4.5 x 4.5 inches. After designing the joists & beams for this load I now must design the plywood spaning btw'n the joists for the 3k pt load placed at mid-span.

Even at 8" o.c. joist spacing & 1-1/8" Struct I plywood:

Max moment is 6.0 k-in & the allowable bending stress is 1650psi. Based on this I will need 1-5/8" thick plywood.  Am I missing something?

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