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Re: Point load on garage diaphram

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The heaviest non-commercial vehicle currently available is about 7,000 lbs loaded.  ASCE 7 (C4.8.3) assumes a 10,000-lb vehicle (possible for public garages, but unlikely for the private garages) with one wheel jacked up, 500 lbs for uneven distribution, hence 3,000 lbs.  Very conservative, but this is the minimum requirement of the code.
V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA
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Subject: Re: Point load on garage diaphram

The 3k load does seem a bit conservative. If the assumption is for the load per wheel, than the vehicle would weight about 12k. I'm not sure that is warranted. If the assumption is that the jack will be placed under the center or the axle, than the vehicle weight would be 6k. This seems more reasonable.