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RE: high-rise evaluation

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Hi Steve:


Does you evaluation include elevators?  The best elevator evaluation manual is a consultant.  I’ve had very cool experiences with Lerch Bates.  They are in La Canada, California.  They have saved my client a lot of construction money in buildings with 30 year old elevators.


Structurally, are you planning to do a dynamic analysis for wind/seismic? 


Architecturally, my mind races to fire safety.  Fire-proofing, sprinklers, exit stairs, areas of refuge, etc.  I wish I could point to a manual for these items, but am not aware of one which has the current research included (especially fire-proofing after the World Trade Center disaster).



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Bob Freeman, Architect, EIT



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Since that was fed, could it possibly been a UFC document?  If so, then maybe Steve can try there, though I don't believe many federal or DoD/military structures are "high rises."

Good luck, Steve. 




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This may not be helpful, but about ten years ago, we did some Fed work to do a long term evaluation of the Defense Intelligence Agency bldg in DC for purposes of budgeting maintenance over 10-15 years.  I don’t remember the name of the guideline we followed, but there was some specific form or outline document we had to use.  Sorry, that is the only clue I have.  (otherwise I am “clueless”  J  )


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Subject: high-rise evaluation


Good afternoon,


I am trying to find documents (for example, guides or manuals) pertaining to the engineering evaluation of the condition of existing high-rise buildings (structural, as well as mechanical, electrical, and other aspects). 


Could anybody give me some advice on where to look for such documents?




V. Steve Gordin, SE
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David Topete, SE