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Re: Off Topic: Economic Recovery

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OTOH you get to drink Canadian beer which does not need to be chilled.

Glenn Otto wrote:

I would go work up there but I am afraid of moose and polar bears, and 10 feet of snow year round.  What’s the plural of moose, meese? Mice?


A Structural Engineer, P.C.

Glenn C. Otto, P.E.

Virginia Beach, VA



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Fellow engineers,


        I am writing this in the hopes that it will provide some encouragement to those of you who are hurting.


        In the past couple of weeks or so there have been announcements indicating that the recession in Canada was over as well as other indicating that it was not necessarily so; that there was still some bad news to come.  This is significant improvement from three months ago when everyone was spouting nothing but doom and gloom.


        Our banking system, which is more conservative than yours and more regulated, did not suffer a single failure.  In fact, I don't personally know of any bank that even cut dividends.  In fact, stogy old Bank of Montreal announced in March that it had been paying dividends since 1829 and it was NOT going to stop now!


        One of my colleagues, who operates an structural engineering business (staff of 17 a couple of years ago, 23 today) is now interviewing potential new hires.  This is great news because it is generally known that engineering and architectural activities now usually lead to construction activities a few months down the road.


        I hope at least some of you consider this good news.




H. Daryl Richardson

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