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Re: High Fly-Ash in PT slab

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Use Slag instead of Fly Ash.


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Federal Publication EM 1110-2-2000 is at

It is Concrete for Civil Works and has discussions of fly ash and alkali-silica reactions.  It also helps with strength and permeability (decrease). VDOT loves it for the alkali-silica reaction which causes those fine numerous cracks.


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I have a client that is trying to maximize their “Build-it-Green” points by using high fly-ash in the concrete mix.  They are requesting between 20%-30% fly-ash.  Per the soils engineer we also need to use a slab-on-grade post-tensioned slab.  I have never tried to use high fly-ash on a post-tensioned slab before and am having a hard time finding anyone or any reference that has done so.  Does anyone have any experience with this or know of any good references?   


Joe Goldbronn