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Re: Off Topic: Economic Recovery -- RWM

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Ah, yes, the tried-and-true "they owned slaves so anything they say is null and void" argument.

So, who would you like to hear from? Marx? Lenin? Mao? Pol Pot? Ho? Ceaucescu? Kruschev? Castro?

Hey, none of them owned slaves (at least, not "on the books"), every one believed in a planned economy...and every one is four-square in favor of government-run healthcare.

So there you go, lots of alternatives to "white men who owned slaves." 

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
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On Aug 8, 2009, at 3:25 PM, Rhkratzse(--nospam--at) wrote:

Now that we've heard from the Rich White (slave-owning) Men -- who supposedly had *all* of the answers, I'd like to hear from someone else.  ;)