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RE: Off Topic: Economic Recovery -- RWM

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Here's a link to The Thomas Jefferson Foundation site:

There have been two studies with different conclusions and a lot of
historical rumors that started even when he was alive.  One study says it
was likely him, the other study using the same evidence says it was most
likely his younger brother.

I say whoever it was, it doesn't matter.  History is rich with figures who
may not have been perfect (there is only one of those), but they
accomplished great things, did great works of science and other fields -
flaws do not diminish their accomplishments.  We also cannot judge someone
in the past with the way we operate today, although I believe in moral
absolutes.  Some even change their own views over their lifetimes like many
of us.  I think the founding fathers were great and learned men, whatever
their flaws.  They studied and knew history, and they knew tyranny and knew

A Structural Engineer, P.C.
Glenn C. Otto, P.E.
Virginia Beach, VA

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Gerard Madden, SE wrote:
> My band dedicates Brown Sugar by the Stones to Thomas Jefferson when
> we play it...most people look at us and go "Huh?" but we had a gig
> near Stanford the other night and they got the reference...
Even though it has been concluded that Sally Hemings' son was most
likely sired by Jefferson's BROTHER?

Keep up, much?

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