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RE: License (Business)

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Don’t be foolish.  CO2 can be both toxic and a pollutant.  Overexposure to CO2 causes acidosis and other potentially fatal symptoms.  As to being a pollutant without being toxic, it was declared as such due to its well established and documented role as a greenhouse gas.  Too much of anything can be a contaminate, it just depends on whether the natural system can handle the additional influx.  Obviously, this is a point of debate.


Doug Mayer, SE

Structural Engineer


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Conrad Harrison wrote:

Who said a pollutant has to be toxic or poisonous?

* Main Entry: pol·lute - 2 a : to make physically impure or unclean : befoul, dirty b : to contaminate (an environment) especially with man-made waste
synonyms see contaminate

Carbon Dioxide is an essential part of our ecosystem. When there's more of it, more plants appear - which makes things (dare I say it?) "GREEN"!

Here's another definition for you:

doublethink 1. The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.

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