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Warning! Off Topic - A Structural Engineering Question Regarding ACI 318-05 Appendix D

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Section D.3.3.3 requires the design strength to be taken as 0.75 of the lowest design strength from all appropriate failure modes.
Simpson Anchor Designer software does not seem to take this further reduction for the steel strength values. Also, the Simpson Strong Wall 7/8" anchor allowable value is listed as 13000 lb, which also ignores the 0.75 factor.
Isn't this factor applicable to the anchor steel strength as well?
Quick Anchor software does take this factor into account for steel strength, by the way.
Section D.3.3.5:
Does wood sill plate failure in shear parallel to grain constitute a "ductile yielding of the attachment" if all other failure modes of the anchor is shown to be at a greater load as specified in D.3.3.3?
Thank you
Peter Maregan