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Re: License (Business)  -- GPs

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I think there's a bit of ego involved here.  On small (e.g., residential) projects the architect may feel he (mostly) knows how to do it, even if he (mostly) doesn't.  Obviously, on large projects he/she doesn't have a choice.

And there's also a matter of cost.  The architect may feel that he/she can save the owner in fees by avoiding an engineer.  He/she may be right, or not...


In a message dated 8/10/09 7:22:45 PM, sch.tectonic(--nospam--at) writes:
Ralph said:
“Yup, and a GP can do brain surgery and heart transplants just as well as the specialists.   NOT!!”
<end quote>
May be so. But you don’t get the heart surgeon to treat a common cold. The GP sends you to the heart specialist when necessary. The architect turns to the structural engineer when necessary.
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